After many years behind the scenes of culturally significant projects and brands, I've put this site together in some ways by request and also as an adventure into more personal and direct conversation to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary understood.
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HABIT—Morey Talmor


Nice concept from Habit executed by Brooklyn based Morey Talmor, not sure if it's an up and running company yet, (me thinks not) but would love to see it's point of sale display system, I'm thinking Damian Hirst Pharmacy style.

Last pharmacology brand rethink that I liked was Richard Fine's Help which has grown leaps and bounds since we first encountered him three or four years ago. There's much talk about how the disruptively of technology start up world is about to rethink healthcare and provision, I'm hoping that if and when someone does improve the system they can do it with some design sensibility too. More pics after the jump...

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3020 Laguna St

PART1 Projects 3020 Laguna St In Exitum 1 jpg


Highlight Gallery's most recent project has been to invite nine artist to produce site specific work at a property in San Francisco's Cow Hollow district. Entitled 3020 Laguna St the work appears as a series of architectural interventions into the house in sometimes subtle yet telling investigations and propositions. The project launch is January 28th 3pm-7pm, congratulations to Amir Mortazavi.

Featured here (and more images after the jump) is Chris Frazer's Outline




What starts as an interest turns into an obsession evolves into a blog and then flourishes into an exhibition, or so is the life of the project ARCHIZINES by Elias Redstone a meticulous and broad reaching look into the world of architecture zines. A niche market no doubt but on investigation a market that is well supplied with the devoutly practiced art of graphic and scholarly investigation. The site is well worth an hour or two look into with a digestible précis of the publication and link to it's online home the hour could easily reach in to two or three, be warned.

I'm reminded of Clip Stamp Fold which charts the architectural magazine explosion of the 1960's and 70's.


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Arik Levy Cage and In & Out

Showcasing at Maison & Objet this month in Paris, Arik Levy's new Cage and In & Out lighting products for Forestier. The mashup of chinese paper lantern and the appropriated form of the storm lanterns frame works really well as the visual language is so familiar to us.

There have been several explorations into the lantern of late, some purely object orientated yet exquisitely beautiful such as Barber Osgerby's Lanterne Marine featuring hand blown Murano glass vessels encompassed by wire framing being one of my favourite and others more functional yet still very precious Lantern Suspended by our friend Stephen Burks for MatterMade

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Audi at CES


Electronics and Automobiles are still attempting to merge in ways they probably should have years ago, the showing at this years CES in Las Vegas only goes to highlight how far behind we really are as people such as Audi offer a bewildering array of propositions for the future of heads up display that surely should already be with us.

However this years booth by Audi is really a talking point, showcasing the attention to detail and commitment to the experience of a brand who's captured the imagination and attention of car enthusiasts all over the world. Take a closer look after the jump...


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Occupy London Newspaper

Dsc02054569 1

There has been much talk about the digital revolution helping and supporting the recent political revolutions North Africa and the Middle East, how social media is the samizdat of the internet age (I think Evgeny Morozov has a carefully thought out rebuttal of that overenthusiastic and disturbingly simplified view of our current situation) So it's interesting to see value of the printed word become partly recognized in the Occupy London movements attempt to realign our civilization from the monocultural global capitalism that seems to have been the last and only word in the economic lexicon of late.

On it's 8th issue the newspaper is now a 20 page affair, designed by Bricktz out of the UK whose commitment to political (I know that word feels a little out moded but please, look around, things are changing again) cultural and social concerns is both admirable and beautifully executed. I'll blog more about them later, for now take a look at some of the images after the jump and there's a link to an interview by Tzortzis Rallis on his vision and collaboration with Occupy.


Jet Airliner by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner's book Jet Airliner is a wonderful collection of images of jets touching down over the beaches proximal to Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. Many of these striking shots show beachgoing women slose to landing and departing airplaines in stark square compositions in full detail.

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Carl Krull's Plate series

Danish artist Carl Krul has enacted a series of works on board simply titled "Plate" followed by the edition number of the series.  Of these works, all were done in single sittings and videotaped from above. Viewable on Krull's website, these videos detail the artists trial and error process from beginning to end, and depict  the drawings in a fast-forward format. These videos allow a glimpse into the process of creating some very provocative figural illustration.

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