Philip Wood is best known for being the curatorial and creative brains behind the international design and art brand, CITIZEN:Citizen. He is also a speaker, professor and cultural critic whose views on products, design and craft as a means of communication and a entryway to understanding the world we live in have led him across the world, speaking about and engaging with those who see the potential for objects as vehicles for communication. 

He is passionately involved in using design as a medium for change and creating cultural interventions that highlight both the absurdities of contemporary culture and opportunities for rethinking it. Wood's ability to be simultaneously highly articulate in his practice and willingly unfaithful to any one discipline is a notable hallmark of his career, whether it be through curating exhibitions, hosting design series, performing "rogue retail" or designing interior spaces.

Products from Wood's company, CITIZEN:Citizen, are part of the permanent collections of both the New York and San Francisco MoMA. 

He is married to internationally renowned journalist Tania Ketenjian and lives with her and their daughter Nora in San Francisco.