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Phaidon - 1,000 Design Classics

Again we find ourselves awaiting the newest product to be debuted by Apple, amid rumors of the wonder of the newest gadget to entice consumers minds. The I-Pad brings to the market innovations in communication and format of media. The I-pad comes as a useful new tool for reading, conducting internet activities, and interacting with media. Also, this product will allow organizations new ways to connect with their target market and appeal directly to their specific audience.

Phaidon has appealed to our design sensibilities and created a lovely product for I-pad which is sure to be a success. Phaidon Design Classics lists 1,000 pivotal manufactured creations since the Industrial Revolution. Of these 1,000 products, users are offered in depth analysis and information, including plans, photos and sketches from the past. Also presented are informative writings about the designers who created these masterworks, as well as analysis of historical context.

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Levi's® x Opening Ceremony launch

It was a packed night at the Levi's Store Union Square on Friday, it seemed as if the whole creative community of San Francisco was there to see the launch of the Levi's x Opening Ceremony collection. For some reason yet to be explained to me It's a rare moment to have people from fashion, product, graphic, furniture design under one roof in this city. Thanks to Levi's for hosting and Opening Ceremony for flying in and for my partner in crime Lindsey Shook for doing such an amazing job.

Everything in Union Square was corduroy for a moment

The leader of the pack, Miss Lindsey

Have you ever seen a line to get into a party in SF? no neither have I

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5 VIP tickets to be won!

CITIZEN:Citizen has 5 VIP tickets for Friday nights launch of Levi’s® x Opening Ceremony collaboration here in San Francisco. We thought you'd love to come along and help celebrate the launch with us, so post a comment of what you would wear to the opening and we will choose 5 winners at 12 am tonight.


CITIZEN:Citizen "Wraps Up" Levi’s® x Opening Ceremony collaboration

For the past week, San Francisco’s downtown landscape has become home to some curious sights. Bicycles, construction signs, parking meters and even figures in windows and atop of buildings could be spotted around the city, wrapped in vibrant colored corduroy.
This urban intervention and corduroy revival is part of a highly crafted collaboration with CITIZEN:Citizen in partnership with the Levi’s® brand. The campaign is in celebration of the launch of the collaboration between the iconic Levi’s® brand and hyper cool Opening Ceremony. The official launch in San Francisco is this Friday, February 19th.

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This short animated film by H5 is up for an Oscar this year, I particularly like the pelican eating the butterfly.


Dear Andy

There are I guess a few clients who take the work seriously and trust their creatives. This from Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol in 1969 must be one of the best examples. I especially love the last paragraph.

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A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009) - Caleb Larsen


In what seems to be the most creative and compelling ways, Caleb Larsen (who's website suggests is currently sunning himself in Tulum) is exploring the myriad of ways in which we and culture construct and apply value to the things in our world and thereby the world itself. A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter pictured here is from last year, a device which creates it's own ebay auction and once purchased begins the process ad infinitum. Terms and Conditions (see below) apply

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Back from India

The silence was deafening I know, but finally we're back from a 5 week sojourn to India, I'm already back in the thick of creative work with some interesting projects about to happen. Tell you more soon.

Until then, a few pics from the last month.

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