After many years behind the scenes of culturally significant projects and brands, I've put this site together in some ways by request and also as an adventure into more personal and direct conversation to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary understood.
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A graphic history of U.S. newspapers

Well, well, well, the paid content seems to be doing something, is Murdoch really the svengali he would like us to think he is?

from The Awl


Joby Inspired — PopUp Store/Gallery


We had Gregory Goode in the store yesterday to shoot the space for us, had a great time with him chatting about travels around the world and whether a D5 mark 2 is worth the extra money than a D7. Anyway, the 4000 sq ft store and gallery opened to great aclaim last week, we're there for only 10 days and will be off to new projects. I've got some early shots from yesterdays shoot for you here, gives an idea of the scale of the space and layout. There's me holding up the front cover of an eight page news paper we produced for the event, the missive I'm inspired when, you can see a bit of video from press check for that HERE.

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Joby Inspired Launch Party


Tonight will be the launch of the Joby Inspired project, a piece of rogue retail that I've been working on for the last couple of months. The store and gallery are open from 2nd Oct to 11th Oct and shouldn't be missed.  Follow at #jobyinspired


It's Nice That — Volume 2

It's Nice That has released it's second issue





Scott Amron — Split Ring Key

Scott Amron a self described electrical engineer, designer, conceptual artist, and founding principal of Amron Experimental, offers more than just observational rethinks of the everyday.

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Tucker Schwarz - a stitch in time

Just you wait shown above is one of a series of work by Tucker Schwarz whose work touches deep in the recesses of my memory. The combination of detialed orhographic studies of the almsot banal suburban landscape with the homespun candyfloss remnants of stiching left hanging

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Sam Winston - Romeo and Juliet


Sam Winston provides an observation in deconstruction, catagorisation and the infinate interpretations of the bard in this one of his latest projects. I've never met the man but feel an affinity through the work that I've seen, his ability to observe the almost banal and reinterpret it's latent beauty to such effect is compelling and provides a lasting moment of relief from the mundanity of crass opportunism. Enough said, check his work out.

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Simon Schubert


Simon Schuberts works on paper are only part of his ouevre yet somehow the subtlty of the interior naratives he describes are more powerful than the sculpture. A cross between rubbings, origami and relief carving, it reminds me at moments of Sarah Bostwick .

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