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Modern Love - Modern 50


I rarely invite people to become addicts, I try not to be a pusher, yet today I fear I may be enticing you into a day or two of displacement activity. Modern 50  they say

Modern 50 is a multi-disciplinary art
and design partnership which strives to create an
ever-evolving nonlinear consumer lifestyles
gallery/collection. Discovering intrinsically valuable
decorative arts and furnishings to convey a
different impression of 20th century design.
Reclaiming salvaged materials, using uncommon
combinations and adhering to modernist tenants,
we have broadened our range of products. And through
unconventional avenues of procurement we present to
you a new design experience. Guided by our instincts and
our deep sense of design we are confident that we can
give to you the unexpected and the unforgettable.

I say waste the afternoon skimming through the seemingly never ending litany of beautiful objects and admire the use of indexhibit

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Cohda - Re-Vive Table Legs from Branch home


News coming over from Branchhome.com, their founder and creative brains Paul Donald has just launched the Cohda table legs. Which on first glance seem anoyingly simple, but it brings me to thinking aobut which components really need to be shipped. Why for instance ship the largest and heaviest part of the table when surely that can be sourced locally.

Some other examples would be Saw Horse Brackets by yours truly, Ryan Sorrell's leg system quoted earlier in the week and Jorre Van Ast's decidedly beautiful clamp leg.

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Peclaris - Paris - San Francisco


In San Francisco on August 18th then wouldn't want to miss this, I'll be shouting out pertinent and impertinent questions  from the back.

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Cinema Redux - The Conversation


Brendan Dawes shows us the cadence of his favourite movies by capturing a frame of each second of the film. Above shows Coppola's The Conversation which I recently saw again, if you've not able to scan the series of 8 by 6 pixel images above, go rent the film it's fantastic.

Shot in San Francisco and very atmospheric of the time, Gene Hackman plays the very private surveillance expert whose professional dispassion is tested by a case that draws him into his own decent into the paranoia of being observed, who's watching the watchers.

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Ryan Sorrell — Clamped


More work coming out of the New Designers exhibition in the UK this time by by Ryan Sorrell  and again a similar vocabulary to Jorre Van Ast


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Anthony Discenza — Street Signs



Work from Anthony Discenza guerilla street sign project will be exhibited at Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco later this year. If you've spent time in SF in the last year you may have had to take a second look at some of these street sign interventions. There are some Flickr here and a Etsy have some for sale.

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Hammer time — Ampco 7920


If you've been feeling that there's something missing in your life, that maybe that missing thing could be Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant, Beryllium Free and hold a Lifetime Warranty, then you my friend are in luck. For the Ampco 7920 is at hand, for only $1,057.87 you can be at peace knowing that you have bought yourself 23lbs of safety in combustible environments.

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Jack Bresnahan - Tin Can Lids


Lovely work by Jack Bresnahan of Northumbria University (UK) featured at the New Designers show in London last week. The series of biodegradable plastic lids repurpose the ubiquitous tin can, each lid offering a simple function, reminds me somewhat of Jorre Van Ast's jar tops series.

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