After many years behind the scenes of culturally significant projects and brands, I've put this site together in some ways by request and also as an adventure into more personal and direct conversation to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary understood.
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What starts as an interest turns into an obsession evolves into a blog and then flourishes into an exhibition, or so is the life of the project ARCHIZINES by Elias Redstone a meticulous and broad reaching look into the world of architecture zines. A niche market no doubt but on investigation a market that is well supplied with the devoutly practiced art of graphic and scholarly investigation. The site is well worth an hour or two look into with a digestible précis of the publication and link to it's online home the hour could easily reach in to two or three, be warned.

I'm reminded of Clip Stamp Fold which charts the architectural magazine explosion of the 1960's and 70's.


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