After many years behind the scenes of culturally significant projects and brands, I've put this site together in some ways by request and also as an adventure into more personal and direct conversation to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary understood.
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What starts as an interest turns into an obsession evolves into a blog and then flourishes into an exhibition, or so is the life of the project ARCHIZINES by Elias Redstone a meticulous and broad reaching look into the world of architecture zines. A niche market no doubt but on investigation a market that is well supplied with the devoutly practiced art of graphic and scholarly investigation. The site is well worth an hour or two look into with a digestible précis of the publication and link to it's online home the hour could easily reach in to two or three, be warned.

I'm reminded of Clip Stamp Fold which charts the architectural magazine explosion of the 1960's and 70's.


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Phaidon - 1,000 Design Classics

Again we find ourselves awaiting the newest product to be debuted by Apple, amid rumors of the wonder of the newest gadget to entice consumers minds. The I-Pad brings to the market innovations in communication and format of media. The I-pad comes as a useful new tool for reading, conducting internet activities, and interacting with media. Also, this product will allow organizations new ways to connect with their target market and appeal directly to their specific audience.

Phaidon has appealed to our design sensibilities and created a lovely product for I-pad which is sure to be a success. Phaidon Design Classics lists 1,000 pivotal manufactured creations since the Industrial Revolution. Of these 1,000 products, users are offered in depth analysis and information, including plans, photos and sketches from the past. Also presented are informative writings about the designers who created these masterworks, as well as analysis of historical context.

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It's Nice That — Volume 2

It's Nice That has released it's second issue





Scott Amron — Split Ring Key

Scott Amron a self described electrical engineer, designer, conceptual artist, and founding principal of Amron Experimental, offers more than just observational rethinks of the everyday.

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Modern Love - Modern 50


I rarely invite people to become addicts, I try not to be a pusher, yet today I fear I may be enticing you into a day or two of displacement activity. Modern 50  they say

Modern 50 is a multi-disciplinary art
and design partnership which strives to create an
ever-evolving nonlinear consumer lifestyles
gallery/collection. Discovering intrinsically valuable
decorative arts and furnishings to convey a
different impression of 20th century design.
Reclaiming salvaged materials, using uncommon
combinations and adhering to modernist tenants,
we have broadened our range of products. And through
unconventional avenues of procurement we present to
you a new design experience. Guided by our instincts and
our deep sense of design we are confident that we can
give to you the unexpected and the unforgettable.

I say waste the afternoon skimming through the seemingly never ending litany of beautiful objects and admire the use of indexhibit

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Anthony Discenza — Street Signs



Work from Anthony Discenza guerilla street sign project will be exhibited at Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco later this year. If you've spent time in SF in the last year you may have had to take a second look at some of these street sign interventions. There are some Flickr here and a Etsy have some for sale.

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Peter Stathis - LINK


I'm just about to take delivery of the new Link light by Peter Stathis which I've been coveting since seeing early prototypes at his studio last year. I've been an admirer of his work for some time and have had the good fortune to be co teaching  a summer course at CCA (California College of the Arts) within the I.D. department over the last month and can honestly say that he's one of the smartest, well versed, articulate and thoughtful designers I've had the good fortune to meet. His knowledge of design is positively encyclopaedic and I feel that I've been learning as much as the students.

The LINK is a true progression in the history of both the angle poise and lighting, with it's form clearly referencing the articulation of it's predecessors yet eschewing the wires, cables and coiled springs in favour of clean parallel linkages and the light itself custom built with state of art LED technology.

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Suzanne Treister


CORRESPONDENCE: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Each letter head is hand drawn with pencil, a replica of official state stationary that makes me think about a nation's validity: What causes it to be seen as legitimate entity? The institutional capital that needs to be created in order to have a critical mass of legitimacy seems to be questioned here with these hand drawn letter heads, the wonderfully naive execution reveals the need we have for systems of uniformity.

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