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Occupy London Newspaper

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There has been much talk about the digital revolution helping and supporting the recent political revolutions North Africa and the Middle East, how social media is the samizdat of the internet age (I think Evgeny Morozov has a carefully thought out rebuttal of that overenthusiastic and disturbingly simplified view of our current situation) So it's interesting to see value of the printed word become partly recognized in the Occupy London movements attempt to realign our civilization from the monocultural global capitalism that seems to have been the last and only word in the economic lexicon of late.

On it's 8th issue the newspaper is now a 20 page affair, designed by Bricktz out of the UK whose commitment to political (I know that word feels a little out moded but please, look around, things are changing again) cultural and social concerns is both admirable and beautifully executed. I'll blog more about them later, for now take a look at some of the images after the jump and there's a link to an interview by Tzortzis Rallis on his vision and collaboration with Occupy.